And What Should You Know Before Applying?

The Merchant Cash Advance industry is no longer new. Since its beginnings in the early 2000s (possibly earlier, there is no official timeline for the industry), Merchant Cash Advance providers have offered fast approvals, unique repayment plans, and funding within days to business owners that otherwise may have to do…

Small Business Owners need tools that really help. This is one of my all-time favorites.

If you’ve been in business for longer than a few days, you’ve probably found that social media is inevitable and that takes a lot of content. Depending on the channel you use, you can build trust, relay information, and communicate regularly with your perfect customers. …

We all want more leads, especially organic leads. This may be the easiest way possible.

If you’re a startup, online directories are the perfect way for your business to get found online. Not only will they help with organic search rankings, but they are often inexpensive, easy to set up, and can save businesses from having to rely as much on paid ads.

Online listings…

I once thought Salespeople were on the way out because of marketing. Now I realize the opportunity to succeed is in following the footsteps of Marketers.

I’m a Salesperson at heart and always have been.

At 18, I started my own business (my own version of my family business) and went around the Midwest selling storage buildings that I manufactured, delivered, and erected. I set up booths at farm shows, spent weeks on the road canvassing…

3 ways you’re throwing it all away

Small business owners often believe that marketing is the key to success. What they don’t realize is that most methods out there won’t work for them. This can be a waste of valuable time and money.

At this point, it might sound like I hate marketing and I’m about to…

The Quotes I Love

I’ll admit it, I’m the guy that would ABSOLUTELY put motivational quotes on the walls of the office.

Actually, for those who worked with me back in the car days, you know I did. The conference room wall may very well still read:

“Whether you think…

This is a running list in case anyone wants to know where my head is and/or chat about any of these specifically.

Fair warning:

I tend to read in bursts. I’ll read 5–6 books in a week and then not read again for 2 weeks. I often read 2–3 books…

“Hi, I’m Ben McGary and I’m ________.”

I really don’t even know where to start when describing myself.

Is it my profession, my hobbies, my beliefs, my affiliations, or something entirely different? Do I lead in with my childhood nickname, my current legal name, or my birth name? …

Ben McGary

Writing about things that matter to me when they matter to me and hoping that they’ll matter to you.

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