Automate Your Social Media For Free

If you’ve been in business for longer than a few days, you’ve probably found that social media is inevitable and that takes a lot of content. Depending on the channel you use, you can build trust, relay information, and communicate regularly with your perfect customers. But you have a business to run, so how will you keep up with it all?

That’s where automation comes in handy and one of the best social media and content tools I use is all about automation.

RSS Ground is flat-out amazing. It’s free, easy to set up, and easy to use — even for beginners.

Simply search through 500,000+ public feeds and select your favorite publishers (most of mine are focused on Small Business information), then add them to a posting campaign on your favorite platform.

You can customize the posting format, hashtags, order, and even how often a post is made on your pages or in your groups. The posts all come from you, leaving the world to think you’re either spending all your time on social media or have a team handling it for you!

To see RSS Ground in action — check out my Facebook group on Cryptocurrency where I use posting campaigns to automate posts from my favorite Twitter accounts and news from around the Crypto world.

#Crypto For The Beginner

If public feeds aren’t what you’re after, you can always generate private feeds or import your own content. No matter the source, you have multiple ways to automate your content through feed readers, posting campaigns, and content widgets.

The best part? RSS Ground has a plan for every business and budget, including a FREE version.

Head on over today and learn more about how RSS Ground can help your business launch, grow, and scale your content machine!

Use my link so they know I sent you and they’ll give me a few bucks if you ever upgrade to a paid plan. If you need help navigating



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