Write it Down, Prioritize, and Get Started!

3 easy steps to be more Productive, eliminate Overwhelm and reduce Stress.

You’re busy. Overwhelmed. Stressed. There is way too much to do. If you only had ______ (more time, more money, more help, etc.), your life would be perfect. But you don’t.

Photo by Luis Villasmil on Unsplash

Write it down

It really doesn’t matter what you write about to start. Write anything. The only requirement is that it be in your own words and reflect the thoughts experiencing overwhelm. This could include:


Once you’ve written everything down, go through the list and prioritize what is most important. The order in which you prioritize your list will depend on what’s most important to YOU. Underline or highlight items that are urgent or time-sensitive; place them at the top of your list to ensure they are handled and not causing you added stress.

Get Started

Once you have your list prioritized, it’s time to start taking action. You may not be able to tackle every item on the list today, but take one or two and get started! This also means writing down a plan of what needs to be accomplished and when. That’s called focus and having a clear focus can help eliminate feeling overwhelmed.

Be more Productive

People often confuse being busy with being productive. However, they are very different. Being busy consumes us. Productivity frees us.

Writing about things that matter to me when they matter to me and hoping that they’ll matter to you.